Saturday, August 2, 2008

Surviving a Long Commute

A long commute, as you may have heard a lot of times, is a pain. On an average, I spend 2 hours daily commuting to work and back. I stay in Delhi; my office is in Gurgaon--in the neighboring state of Haryana . Compared to my colleagues who come from places like Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, I must say my commute is better (I spend only 2/3 hours on the road), but of course, the ideal thing to have done would have been to stay in Gurgaon, but that's not an option I like. So how do I survive the commute? Here's how:
  • Since I don't drive, I can afford to nap while the driver does his job. I sometimes nap on the way to work, and it never fails to give me an extra zap of energy.
  • I listen to the radio. FM radio is so very entertaining. I ignore the highly repetitive songs that are aired, but thoroughly enjoy laughing at the RJ's wisecracks.
  • I use the commute time to catch up with family and friends. Thank God for the cell phone!
  • I take a book or a magazine along and use the time to catch up with my reading. This is sometimes quite a strain to my eyes, so I limit this as far as possible.
  • What I NEVER do while commuting: working on my laptop. A strict no-no as it's stressful to my eyes.
What else can possibly help survive a commute that long?

These are stuff I read about or have thought about doing, but haven't really started:
  • Taking pictures
  • Trying to see patterns in vehicle number plates; things like the total, or quirky looking numbers
  • Trying to remember the various makes of cars that zip past
  • Trying to solve the Rubik's cube puzzle
  • Buying flowers from the vendor at the traffic signal
If you have recommendations, do drop in a comment.


Hey its me ss! said...

Do u really mean when u say "FM radio is so very entertaining"?

How about playing CD/Cassette of your choice instead. That is my way of enjoying my 4 hour journey everyday :)

satyajit_aribam said...'s a good one for long commutes.

Thangjam said...

@hey its me ss!

I have never tried the CD option while commuting to work and back as I travel with colleagues...the radio is common ground that we all enjoy together :)
Having said that, it certainly is worth trying! Thanks!

Mohit said...

Totally agree with you girl. I've also traveled like what, around 4+ hours a day daily on road to-and-fro my office. This was then when I was working in Gurgaon. Trust me, such travelling is just so tiring, not jus physically tired you get, you feel mentally tired too.

Thangjam said...

I know some people in my office have two apartments--one in Noida where their family stays and a rented aprtment in Gurgaon near the office for weekdays...what an expensive option--and one that works only until you don't have school-going kids!!!