Monday, September 19, 2011

After the hiatus

So here I am again, after a long break...

Much water has flown under the bridge-- had a lovely baby girl in Aug last year, went back to my home town for nearly 3 months in Oct, got back to Delhi and back to work in Jan 2011. Shifted house in Feb-Mar. Managed without a nanny for my baby up to Mar end, had stay at home guests (family of three) for nearly two months, got thinking about my pending coursework and met my Prof. Plan in place, execution pending. Getting back into the groove slowly... (April 2011)

Status Now:

Had to deal with the nanny's leaving the job without notice (to get married)...have a part-time babysitter now--the arrangement seems to be working fine so far, though nothing compares to the previous nanny (sigh)...

It's September now, and still to execute on the plan on my coursework...

But let's talk of achievements, however small:

  • Finished translating "Europa-gi Mapao" to English from Meiteilon
  • Flew back to Delhi alone with the baby from Imphal
  • Managed without help for the baby for a couple of weeks
  • Mustered up enough courage to shop alone, leaving the baby with my sister--Thank God for sisters :)
  • Went to visit a friend who lives at the other end of the city, with the baby on the Delhi metro, then took a cycle rickshaw was drizzling but we enjoyed it!!! :)

Thankful for everything :)

PS: meant to post this in April, but as you can much has happened

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