Friday, February 13, 2009

Analysis Paralysis

I was reading a post on, a blog I follow when I chanced on the term "analysis paralysis" and I liked it. It really describes my state appropriately these days...

Am stuck in analysis paralysis
With no idea where to begin
Action is but a dream
Not forgotten, but surreal
Pies for every finger--
Which one should I eat first?
Which one to discard?

Start small they say--
Don't care much for the outcome...
"करम करो...करम फल की इच्छा नहीं"
हे भगवान....what do I do now?


Sana said...

the feeling is mutual :'(

Anonymous said...

I can find myself in a state of "analysis paralysis" as well, and found your post when looking for some thoughts on my own 'think less...DO MORE'. Leo does have a great post, but here is one I would definitely recommend reading. Vincent offers 7 Tips to overcome the disorder; Is Analysis Paralysis Stopping You from Taking Action

Thangjam said...


Thanks for the recommendation. It was a good read!