Monday, March 2, 2009

What I didn't like as a kid... and still don't

I have been a pretty opinionated kid as far back as I can remember, and there are quite a few things I didn't like at all. My pet peeves, as I would call them, are listed here in random order.
  • I didn't like adults who talked down on you, simply because you are a kid. A patronising tone that says "I am older, have seen the stars and the sun before you; therefore, I know better"
  • Adults who say "Chhooo cute" and pinch your cheeks hard (don't they know that kids can feel pain?)
  • Adults who'd call you into the living room to have you recite nursery rhymes in front of their friends
  • Having to take afternoon naps just because you are a kid and because it's supposed to be good for you
  • Having to say namaste to those horrid unclejis and auntyjis who talk down on you anyway
  • Having to tolerate stupid comments like, "You are actually my kid, and you are going to stay in my family from today." Well, I guess the adults get a kick out of seeing the look of alarm on a kid's face at this. But what a horrid thing to say! Ugh!


RASIKA :) said...

He he :D I can perfectly relate to these. Another very much related situation that I hate is when adults start asking you questions (GK, math) anything, in front of other people and attain sinister pleasure by rebuking you when you fail to answer them correctly. That gives me an idea for my next blog.

Thangjam said...

@Rasika: I hate those episodes...lemme know when you post on your blog.